May the Angels Carry You CD

This collection of songs and prayers is based on traditional Jewish liturgical moments for the death of a loved one. Several selections are to be used before the death or in the actual moments of active dying. These heartfelt pieces were written or recorded in response to actual real life crossings over. They can be used collectively—or individually—to console and support the family and friends who are grieving. These songs expand the repertoire for cantors, rabbis, hevre kadisha, chaplains, caregivers and others involved in this holy work.

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Also order the companion book, Jewish Prayers and Meditations for the Deathbed, by Rabbi Simcha Raphael!

"Shalom, Rayzel. We met this summer at the Isabella Freedman camp as I was hosting the Journey Through Jewish Music program, and one evening you gave me a copy of your CD. I just want to write how much I enjoy the album; it's very soothing to me and very peaceful, and I call on it at various times according to my spiritual space. I don't see it as an album only for death and mourning – it's uplifting to me. All the best, possibly see you next summer at Isabella."

~Howard Rachelson

May the Angels Carry You and B’shem Hashem acknowledge the powerful transition time and invite in angelic guides to assist in the process of crossing over between worlds. Healer of the Broken Hearted, and Refuge in your Wings recognize the range of emotions involved for the caregivers. The Techinah for the Deathbed and Baruch Dayan Emet are for the actual moments of death. Kaddish is for the funeral or the yearly recitation, and HaMakom Yinachem is traditionally said at the shiva. Shalom Alechem can be sung for the walk around the block to escort the soul at the end of shiva. Di Neshume is based on what is said at the anniversary of the death/yahrtzeit. Sweet Surrender is for the long journey of healing into the “what’s next?” May they be received with the love they were intended to relay.

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