Juliet Spitzer (blue), Rayzel Raphael (purple), Margot Stein (yellow)

Juliet Spitzer (blue), Rayzel Raphael (purple), Margot Stein (yellow).


Who are we? MIRAJ writes and sings a capella music for Shabbat, Rosh Hodesh and other sacred times. MIRAJ is an acronym of our names—Margot Stein, Rayzel Raphael, and Juliet Spitzer. MIRAJ is a blending of harmony and a weaving of friendship. MIRAJ offers songs for new liturgy, for meditation, for fun.

What do the critics say?

"MIRAJ belts, croons, warbles, and whispers"
"They sound like the Jewish Roches"
"a musical dvar torah"
"a toe tapping, finger snapping tour de force"

A Moon Note CD Healing Chants for the Soul Counting Angels in the Wilderness CD

Interested in Jewish Women's Magic or Rosh Hodesh? MIRAJ Workshops are now available.

We offer healing programs for times of need or loss.


For more information, email me at

or call 215-782-1221