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About the Oracle Zayin
Sacred Bedchamber Card
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When King Solomon built the Temple, the Holy of Holies, it served as the “sacred bedchamber” for G!d and His Bride, Shechinah. Every night at midnight, Shechinah would enter through the Holy of Holies and they would unite in love, enjoying each other in sacred coupling that blessed the world.

In the Kabbalistic system, the Shechinah is the passive receptacle for the Divine shefa /overflow of blessing ... a “Cosmic Vagina” so to speak. Stimulated and joined with Yesod / (Foundation and Sexuality on the Kabbalist Tree of Life), all the other Sephirot flow into Shechinah and the world is made fertile by this union. (Zohar 1:120b)

“Sacred Sex” is a cross cultural phenomenon. In the Tamar and Judah story of Genesis 38, Judah is on his way to the sheep shearing festival. Tamar dresses as a sacred prostitute to seduce him. Pagan fertility rites blessed the field harvest. Traditionally this was uniting the masculine and feminine energies of G!d. In the Shechinah Oracle we recognize that both men and women carry male and female energies and we recognize love in all forms – GLBT – as blessings.


Rabbi Rayzel has researched AND crafted a deck of SHECHINAH ORACLE CARDS, with images from ancient Jewish texts.  Shechinah, The Feminine Divine Presence, is represented in the vast body of literature from Talmud and  Zohar. Reb Rayzel has added her contemporary interpretations to make these teachings relevant to our own time. 

Wings of Shechinah ::: Resurrection

Come and experience the wisdom of Shechinah in a workshop lead by the "magical" Rabbi Rayzel Raphael. Through story, song and meditation, the legends of Shechinah will be revealed for your life.

"The Shechinah cards conceived and developed by Geela Rayzel are both brilliant and awesome. Each beautiful card representing a different manifestation of the Divine Presence offers a direct glimpse of the Shechinah Herself. These cards also offer a unique opportunity for spiritual growth, a meditative doorway for self-discovery and transformation.  Using these cards for meditation is divine play of the highest order."

~ Melinda (Mindy) Ribner, Founder and Director of Beit Miriam and Kabbalah of the Heart.

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