Soul Gospel Shabbos

Bring Rabbi Rayzel to your community for a Shabbat service, workshop or concert - or all of the above! She can work solo, with your choir, or with a back up band. Her music is easily singable Hebrew/ English and fun. It an experience you won"t forget.

"Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael has in her kishkes the roots of a multi-dimensional Jew, her Tennessee upbringing and love for its musical heritage, as well as a deeply heartfelt spirituality. You can hear in her music all kinds of "roots Americana" genres that lift the texts to a new level of prayerfulness, as well as playfulness. Bring your best musicians, make it a special night, and let them have a blast with this music. Bring Rabbi Rayzel in as a scholar-in-residence, and she will passionately share her hashkafah with you. It will be an awakening."

Cantor Anna Ott
Temple Anshei Emeth Memorial Temple


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or call 215-237-2955